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New Study Shows Vaccines Cause Brain Changes Found in Autism

Abnormal brain growth and function are features of autism. Now researchers have found similar brain changes in infant monkeys receiving the vaccine schedule used in the 1990’s that contained the mercury-based preservative thimerosal.

The researchers used scanning techniques that assessed both brain growth and brain function in the same animals over time. They were able to see differences in the way the brains of vaccinated and unvaccinated animals developed.

According to Age of Autism:

“Throughout the study period, vaccinated animals showed an increase in total brain volume -- a feature of the brain in many young children with autism -- when compared with unvaccinated animals.  However, a specific part of the brain associated with emotional responses that is thought to be important in autism, the amygdala, did not show abnormalities until after the 12-month vaccines had been given ... vaccine administration was associated with an increase in opioid binding activity in the amygdala”.

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