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Molecular Link Between Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Obesity resulting from a high-fat diet alters the function of PPAR-gamma, a master regulatory protein, which governs genes involved in your body’s response to insulin.

Obesity disrupts the expression of those insulin response genes, including adipsin and adiponectin. Researchers have identified “an entirely new and surprising mechanism by which PPAR-gamma can control whole-body insulin sensitivity.”

According to Newswise:

“The newly identified pathway linking obesity and insulin response involves cdk5, a protein kinase, or molecular ‘switch’. When cdk5 is activated by the development of obesity in mice, it causes a chemical change in PPAR-gamma called phosphorylation. In contrast to agonism of PPAR-gamma, phosphorylation has a narrow effect, disrupting a smaller set of genes that lead to insulin resistance.”

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