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Radiation Overdosing During Hospital CT Perfusion Scans Causing Major Problems

An examination by The New York Times has found that medical radiation overdoses from CT perfusion scans are larger and more widespread than previously known. Patients have reported serious symptoms and may face long-term risks of cancer and brain damage.

In some cases, technicians did not know how to properly administer the test. There may also be problems with how manufacturers design their software and equipment and train those who use them.

According to the New York Times reports:

"The Times found the biggest overdoses at Huntsville Hospital — up to 13 times the amount of radiation generally used in the test. Officials there said they intentionally used high levels of radiation to get clearer images, according to an inquiry by the company that supplied the scanners, GE Healthcare. Experts say that is unjustified and potentially dangerous."

Patients who received overdoses in Huntsville have already experienced hair loss, headaches, memory loss and confusion.

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