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Why Does Medicine Have to Profit So Much and Kill Cancer Victims Prematurely?

Leah Siegel fought hard against cancer, enduring blood transfusions and chemical burns and painful sores. She was haunted by the idea that her children would grow up without any memory of her.

From the moment doctors told her she had stage four breast cancer in 2008, she worried most about leaving her children. "I just need 10 years," she told her oncologist. But the cancer had already had spread to her liver and bones. Doctors gave her two to three years.

According to this story in the Dallas News:

"Leah told doctors she would try any treatment, no matter the side effects ... doctors seemed to be jumping from drug to drug. 'There wasn't a real plan anymore,' said Leah's husband, Eric ... Leah agreed to try a powerful drug cocktail that caused the most painful side effects yet. Flaming blisters appeared on her hands and ... The drugs burned sores in her mouth and throat. For weeks, she couldn't eat. She began to worry that she would starve to death."

No one should have to go through this. I believe you can virtually eliminate your cancer risk if you follow risk reduction strategies that have not been formally "proven" yet by conservative researchers. You can save yourself and your family from a cancer diagnosis.

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