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Biochemist Proposes Dramatic Increase in Guidelines for Vitamin D Intake

Anthony Norman, distinguished professor emeritus of biochemistry and biomedical sciences at the University of California, Riverside and a leading international expert in vitamin D, has co-authored a review paper proposing worldwide changes to the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

Norman believes increased daily intake of vitamin D can reduce the frequency of serious conditions like childhood rickets, cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and heart disease.

According to Norman:

"A reduction in the frequency of these diseases would increase the quality and longevity of life and significantly reduce the cost of medical care worldwide. It is high time that worldwide vitamin D nutritional policy, now at a crossroads, reflects current scientific knowledge about the vitamin's many benefits and develops a sound vision for the future."

Norman and co-author Roger Bouillon propose that an increase in daily dietary intake of vitamin D in all adults will bring improvements in bone health in the elderly as well as benefit all major human diseases.

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