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How to Adjust Your Child’s Sleep Schedule for Back to School

The use of video games, cell phones and computers late into the night can make it difficult for kids to stay awake and alert throughout the day. This is why avoiding late-night technology is one of the best techniques to ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep, especially now that the new school year is upon us.

Research presented at Sleep 2010, the 24th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, also noted that children with a regular bedtime had higher scores on language, reading and math tests, and called a regular bedtime “the most consistent predictor of positive developmental outcomes in 4-year-olds.

ScienceDaily reported:

“Disrupting the normal sleep pattern, whether with technology or not, can reset the brain's circadian clock. A common problem, staying awake late and "sleeping-in" on the weekends, can make it difficult to fall asleep and wake-up during the week, so it is important to maintain a consistent schedule all week long.”

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