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Media Finally Starts to Catch on to Gluten Free

The latest hot diet trend to make headlines, including making an appearance at Chelsea Clinton’s recent wedding, may turn out to be surprisingly good for your health: gluten-free.

Caterers and specialty bakeries alike are serving up increasing numbers of gluten-free cakes and other goodies to meet a small, but steady and growing, demand. Many are also offering an increasingly sophisticated vegan variety, which was also featured at Clinton’s wedding.

Paula LeDuc, owner of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, an event firm in San Francisco, told the Today Show that gluten-free requests have increased from roughly one a month last year to one a week this year.

“Three or four years ago, gluten-free wasn’t even part of the conversation,” she told Today.

Indeed, many people thrive on a low-carbohydrate, gluten-free diet, especially when they begin eating the right foods for their unique nutritional type.

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