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Effectiveness of Statins Called Into Question

Statins are the world's most-prescribed class of medications. About 24 million Americans take drugs such as Pravachol, Mevacor, Lipitor, Zocor and Crestor, largely to stave off heart attacks and strokes.

But in recent months, the drugs' medical reputation has come under tough scrutiny.  Today, a majority of people who use statins are doing so for primary prevention of heart attacks and strokes. It is this use of statins that has come under recent attack.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“[M]edical researchers found that, contrary to widely held belief, statins do not drive down death rates among those who take them to prevent a first heart attack. A second article cast significant doubt on the influential findings of [the 2006 JUPITER] study ... that has driven the expansion of statins' use by healthy people ... A third article suggested potential ethical, clinical and financial conflicts of interest at work in the execution of the JUPITER study”.

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