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Dark Chocolate Bits Protect Women Against Heart Failure

Eating a small amount of high-quality dark chocolate, one to three times a month, could help prevent heart failure in women. However, if you ingest too much chocolate, the protective effect goes away.

A study looked at the chocolate-eating habits of close to 32,000 women over a period of nine years. Women who ate one to three servings of chocolate a month had a 32 percent reduced risk of heart failure. More chocolate than that, and the benefit disappeared — while much more than that (three to six servings a week) actually increased the risk by 23 percent.

USA Today reports:

“The chocolate measured in this study was mostly high-quality dark chocolate without a lot of added sugar ... And the higher the cocoa content, the better. The cocoa content of the chocolate consumed by the women in this study was about 30 percent ... in the United States, dark chocolate is only required to contain 15 percent cocoa solids.”

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