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Headache Relief: 6 Tricks to Ease the Pain

U.S. News & World Report offers a few practical methods for headache relief:

Exercising more. Thirty minutes of walking, biking, or other physical activity at least three times weekly is good for managing headaches.

Losing weight. A 2006 found that about 4 percent of healthy-weight participants reported frequent migraines, compared to 5.8 percent of overweight participants, 13.6 percent of obese participants, and 20.7 percent of morbidly obese participants.

Adjusting sleep. As little as one hour more or less sleep than usual can trigger a headache. The standard recommendation is eight hours.

Modifying diet. Certain foods seem to bring on headaches. Alcohol and chocolate affect some people, but a more frequent culprit is coffee, even though caffeine helps relieve headache pain.

Quitting smoking. Two studies found that smoking raised the likelihood of headaches.

Limiting stress. Persistent stress wreaks havoc on your body. However, if your headache pain occurs only after a deadline passes or the exam is over, it is not necessarily triggered by the stress itself, but by relaxing after stress. Instead of napping afterward, try to wind down with exercise.

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