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GMO Crop Catastrophe in USA a Lesson for EU

The European Union is moving closer to approving the cultivation of GMO crops. It might be better served by examining the agricultural arms race currently unfolding in the United States.

In the U.S., herbicide-resistant “superweeds” are plaguing Monsanto crops. This is forcing farmers to either abandon their farms, use an ever-increasing amount of herbicides, or return to non-GMO crops.

Voltaire Net reports:

“What is carefully kept out of the Monsanto and other agribusiness propaganda ... is the fact that in the entire world until the present, all GMO crops have been manipulated and patented for only two things — to be resistant ... to the patented highly toxic herbicide glyphosate chemicals ... [or] resist specific insects ... [T]here exists not one single GMO seed that provides a greater harvest yield”.

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