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Flawed Study, Bad Science, Outrageous Conclusion

You may have seen a story in the news lately claiming a study found that consuming more omega-3 fats doesn’t help heart patients. How did the researchers come to this conclusion? They fed their human guinea pigs margarine — otherwise known as the extremely heart unhealthy form of fat called trans fat.

Essentially, the researchers gave heart attack survivors margarine enhanced with omega-3’s. Unsurprisingly, it did little to offset the heart damaging hydrogenated oil already present in the margarine.

There were additional problems with the study as well. According to the Alliance for Natural Health:

“Dr. Stephen Kopecky, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic said it may have been a matter of too little, too late — the dose was so tiny and the patients were enrolled many years after their initial heart attack — on average four years”.