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Gulf Oil Dispersants Now Being Found in Seafood

A lab hired by the United Commercial Fishermen's Association analyzed coastal fishing waters. The results indicate that the U.S. government's claim that Gulf of Mexico seafood is safe to eat may be premature.

The lab found dispersant in a sample taken near Biloxi, Missouri, almost a month after BP said it had stopped using the toxic chemical to break up crude oil from the Gulf spill.

According to AOL News:

“Water samples analyzed by Boston Chemical show oil and toxins in crab. But the key finding, according to Marco Kaltofen, the lab's president, is the presence of the Corexit dispersant used to break up the oil in coastal water near Horn Island, off Biloxi. BP has said repeatedly the last day it used any dispersant was July 19.”

A great site to get the latest information about the spill in the Gulf is http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/.