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The Real Truth About the Top 12 Health Myths

CNN has published a list of the “truth about twelve “health myths”. Among the myths this article busts? “If you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way.” “To get rid of hiccups, have someone startle you.”

Seriously? There is massive medical misinformation circulating right now which is causing an epidemic of chronic disease unprecedented in human history, and their big concern is whether or not if you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way?

CNN is completely clueless. The primary purpose of their article is entertainment, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the top health myths. CNN is part of the problem of perpetuating MISINFORMATION.

Here are the REAL health myths, that CNN didn’t bother to mention:

  1. Myth: Sun Causes Skin Cancer
  2. Myth: Milk Does Your Body Good
  3. Myth: Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease
  4. Myth: Low-Fat Diets are Healthy
  5. Myth: Whole Grains are Good for Everyone
  6. Myth: Soy is a Health Food
  7. Myth: Cardio is One of the Best Types of Exercise
  8. Myth: All Plant Based Supplements are as Good as Animal Supplements
  9. Myth: Vaccines are Safe and Effective and Prevent Disease
  10. Myth: Artificial Sweeteners are Safe, Well Tested and Help Promote Weight Loss
  11. Myth: Fluoride in Your Water Lowers Your Risk of Cavities
  12. Myth: GMOs Crops are Safe, Well Tested and Economically Beneficial
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