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Family to Receive Million Dollar Plus Vaccine Autism Court Award

The first court award given in a U.S. vaccine-autism claim is a comes to more than $1.5 million dollars.

Hannah Poling was a normal, happy and precocious infant. Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor's visit. Her health declined rapidly. She developed high fevers and began showing signs of autism.

This particular case, although a landmark decision, may not affect the mercury/autism controversy to any large extent. It was not about mercury; it was about a child, who was potentially genetically susceptible to vaccine-induced brain injury due to a metabolic disorder, receiving numerous vaccines on one day and suffering brain inflammation/encephalopathy that ended in a diagnosis of autism. Hannah Poling's lawyers based their case on encephalopathy rather than autism, and won by NOT basing their case on the mercury or mercury plus MMR hypotheses.

CBS News reports:

“In acknowledging Hannah's injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had ... It's unknown how many other children have similar undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder.”

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