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Cesareans More Likely at For-Profit Hospitals

Research shows that for-profit hospitals across California perform cesarean sections at higher rates than nonprofit hospitals.

Women are at least 17 percent more likely to have a cesarean section at a for-profit hospital. A cesarean birth can bring in twice the revenue of a vaginal delivery. Some hospitals appear to be performing more C-sections for nonmedical reasons -- including an individual doctor's level of patience.

San Jose Mercury News reports:

“... [S]ome hospital officials dispute the notion that their institutions could be pushing C-sections for money. ‘Decision-making about C-section versus vaginal birth is between a doctor and the patient ...’ said Leslie Kelsay, a spokeswoman for Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, which had the highest cesarean rate for low-risk pregnancies in Santa Clara County at 22 percent.”

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