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Disturbing Findings from a Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Primates

An important new study compared the neuroimaging results of a small group of vaccinated monkeys to unvaccinated monkeys during infancy. The same research group also looked at the delayed development of neonatal reflexes after a birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine.

Together, the results raise important questions about childhood immunization.  Despite widespread concern over vaccine safety issues, drug companies and the U.S. government have developed an effective public relations campaign over the last decade to defend vaccines.

Age of Autism sums up the impact of the research:

“In brief, these two recent publications now give us clear and disturbing evidence from the first primate model ever designed to address the question, how does ethyl mercury exposure alongside vaccination affect the infant brain? Along three distinct dimensions, the research shows both the presence and the pattern of a clear developmental injury ... They also underscore the idea, so elegantly stated by warrior autism mom Shelly Hendrix a few years ago that ‘giving mercury to children on purpose is stupid.’”

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