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Are You a Conscious Eater?

One of the biggest day-to-day challenges is managing your food intake in a healthy, intelligent and responsible manner. If you happen to ‘live’ somewhere on the scale between disordered eating and eating disorder, then this post is for you.

Many people eat unconsciously. They eat on autopilot. They eat what they don’t need. Every day. And then they (strangely) wonder why they’re fat. And unhealthy. They eat processed crap. They eat socially. They eat because it’s expected. They eat emotionally. Reactively. They reward themselves with food. And their children too. Sometimes they bribe (motivate, manipulate, control) their kids with food.

Conscious eating is giving our body the nutrition it needs for optimal health, function and energy. Nothing more or less. Conscious eating is about reconnecting with our body. It’s about slowing down. It’s about paying attention. It’s about honoring and respecting the gift that is our body.

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