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FDA to Make it More Difficult to Sell Supplements

Beware this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

U.S. House and Senate legislation written to imply its purpose is to keep your food supply safe is in fact a series of bills designed to give the FDA ever increasing control over natural health product companies.

Already passed in the House: H.R. 2749. This bill is intended to legally intimidate (via long jail terms) and create economic hardship for small to mid-sized farms and other food facilities. As these small producers are driven out of business, large corporations increase their stranglehold on the food supply.

The Senate version of that bill, S. 510 was introduced and passed out of committee. It has not yet made it to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

Next up: the “Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010” (S. 3767), introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D–VT). This new Senate bill, which may be a replacement for S. 510 and/or may have broader reach, appears to use language similar to the language found in H.R. 2749.

Per ANH-USA.org:

“Here’s the crazy part: This bill would not necessarily hold accountable a company that tainted a product, even on purpose, if this type of adulteration occurred before the product was sold by a distributor!

The FDA has a long history of targeting natural health product companies under false pretenses. This is what happened to a group of cherry producers that cited Harvard research about the benefits of cherries on their website. The FDA forced them to sign a consent decree so burdensome that it almost put them out of business. With the bigger threat of increased criminal penalties, FDA would practically have free rein.”

If you'd like to tell your Senators to oppose the Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010, LifeExtension has set up a Legislative Action Center to help you do so.