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GMO Poisons Found in Indiana Waterways

A story in Indiana Business Journal reports that proteins from genetically altered crops are showing up in Indiana waterways. According to the Journal, the University of Notre Dame and Loyola University looked at 217 streams, drains and ditches near Indiana cornfields and found genetically modified (GM) bug-killing protein in 50 of them.

The protein is in genetically modified corn and other crops that are engineered to produce their own pesticide when insects bite them. But when farmers mow the fields, the residue remains from the crushed plants – and it’s finding its way to the waterways.

“The protein is carried to surface water by runoff and by the leaves and stalks that sometimes wash into streams,” the Journal said. “And the protein lingers. The study was conducted six months after harvest.” The paper, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says it is not known whether the trace levels of the protein are a threat to invertebrates in the water.

But either way – it's still poison, and it’s a poison that was in 85 percent of the U.S. corn crop last year.

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