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Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Therapy

In an interview with Michael D. West, CEO of BioTime Inc, the journal Regenerative Medicine reports on an exciting breakthrough that just could make it possible to turn back the hands of time in aging cells.

“The problem with human biology is that the immortal reproductive cells that built you and me develop into differentiated cells within our bodies and as a result, lose the capacity to proliferate (divide) forever,” West says. “So, the cells of the body are mortal, meaning they have a finite life span, and as our tissues age, or deteriorate from disease, our body has a finite capacity to regenerate and repair those tissues. As a result, we suffer progressive declines in function that lead to our death.”

The fascinating part of this new research is that stem cells have pristine DNA, West explains – and researchers may very well to at some point in the future put those cells to work to unlock ways to regenerate tissues and, ultimately, eliminate the major causes of aging.

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