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Study: Too Much of This Necessary Element Can Adversely Affect Children’s Intelligence

According to a report in Science Daily, a new Canadian study shows that children exposed to high concentrations of manganese in drinking water performed worse on tests of intellectual functioning than children with lower exposures. The results were published in an article in Environmental Health Perspectives.

While manganese is naturally occurring in soil and groundwaters around the world, some of Canada’s groundwaters contain an unusually high amount of it, giving the researchers an opportunity to study whether excessive manganese can adversely affect human health. "We found significant deficits in the intelligence quotient (IQ) of children exposed to higher concentration of manganese in drinking water,” said lead author Maryse Bouchard. Yet, some areas where lower IQs were reported also registered concentrations below current guidelines. In response to the study, some of the affected municipalities have already decided to install special filtration systems.

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