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GMO Pigs May Be Coming to a Table Near You Sooner Than You Think

They’re nick-named “Enviropigs” and they’re already in production, just waiting on one thing: the FDA’s final stamp of approval for genetically modified (GM) pig meat meant for consumption.

With all eyes on GMO salmon farming, and questions swirling as to whether the FDA will approve these lab-created fish, apparently no one’s noticed that GM pigs are on the FDA’s calendar for review as well. But they are, as CNN reported recently, after visiting Canada's University of Guelph swine research laboratory, where the pigs are in full factory production. Officials at the university told CNN:

“Scientists added DNA from E. coli bacteria and from a mouse to a Yorkshire pig’s embryo to create the Enviropig. The E.coli bacteria gene allows the pig to digest plant phosphate, by allowing the pig to produce an enzyme called phytase in its saliva. The mouse gene acts to accelerate the process.”

No one has eaten an Enviropig yet, the scientists added. But the university applied to the FDA for approval of it as a food meat in 2007. “The University expects the FDA will be first to act and believe the agency is about half-way through its analysis, though the FDA won’t say,” researchers told CNN.

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