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Illegal Drug Residues Found in Ohio Bob Veal Calf

The FDA has cited an Ohio dairy farm for violating USDA and FDA rules about humane treatment of calves bred as veal, and for the unlawful use of antibiotics on some of the animals. According to a report in Food Safety News, Raber View Holstein Farm, based outside Millersburg, Ohio, sold at least one veal calf treated with the illegal antibiotics for human consumption. Food Safety News said the farm:

“(W)ent way over the limit for using the antibiotics Sulfamethoxazole in conjunction with Trimethoprim in treating an ill animal, probably for a urinary tract infection,” Food Safety News said. “FDA has a zero tolerance policy for Sulfamethoxazole in the edible tissues of animals slaughtered and sold for human consumption.  The presence of the drug means the meat is adulterated under federal law.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident lately. In another case in the state of Washington, the Seattle Business Journal reported that Costco was “apologizing” for the mistreatment of the veal calves raised on one of its suppliers’ farms.

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