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Corn Syrup, Antibiotics May Taint US Honey Supply As Bees Decline

If you love honey for its 100 percent purity and natural taste, then it’s possible that your next trip to the grocery store could be not only bitterly disappointing, but dangerous to your health. According to Walletpop.com, real honey on some stores’ shelves is being replaced by a fake product manufactured in China and tainted with dangerous antibiotics. As reported earlier in WalletPop, the government in June seized 64 drums of this imported honey which contained antibiotics not allowed in food in this country:

“The FDA says it tested a honey sample and found it contained chloramphenicol, an antibiotic approved only for use in humans with serious infections when other "less toxic" drugs won't work. People who are sensitive to the drug can develop a bone marrow condition which could be fatal. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also found the drug causes cancer.”

But even as the FDA fights the importation of tainted honey, US beekeepers are trying to raise awareness of another honey scam: the legal selling of “fake” honey that is made mostly of corn syrup and improperly labeled as pure honey.

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