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Teens Storm Popular Store to Protest Toxic Perfume

Tired of the onslaught of scents they encountered every time they entered a popular store in a San Francisco Bay area mall, a group of teens picketed Abercrombie & Fitch, wearing surgical masks and gas masks and carrying signs with slogans like "Stop the Perfume Pollution."

According to Lemondrop.com, the teens say the store’s practice of spraying its signature scents every few minutes throughout the store and at its entrance is triggering asthma, headaches and contact dermatitis in some people exposed to it. And it wasn't the pungent aroma of disappointing prom nights and bad keg parties that they were protesting, Lemondrop said:

“Recent lab analysis by the nonprofit advocacy group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed that A&F's "Fierce" fragrance contains 11 chemicals not listed on the ingredient label, many of which are sensitizers that can trigger asthma, headaches and contact dermatitis. One (diethyl phthalate) has been linked in some studies to sperm damage in adult men and abnormal reproductive development in baby boys.”

Protestors said that another A&F store’s scents were so strong they could be smelled 20 feet away, and that they caused coughing, sore throats, nausea, and headaches. That store agreed to stop spraying its store-front spritzers. But the San Francisco store responded by closing the store and calling police.

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