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Controversy Continues Over ADHD Medication, Sudden Cardiac Deaths

The controversy regarding the risk of cardiac events associated with children taking medications for ADHD has not settled, and in fact is still a concern for many physicians, according to PediatricSupersite.com. In a report on a speaker at the 2010 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco, PediatricsSupersite said:

“Approximately half of individuals who experienced sudden death had generally undetected pre-existing conditions and were using multiple drugs simultaneously. These results therefore underscored the importance of following AHA screening guidelines and conducting a good physical exam and obtaining a thorough family history.”

The FDA has directed ADHD drug manufacturers to develop patient medical guidelines to alert patients to possible cardiovascular risks and adverse psychiatric symptoms and advise them to take precautions. The guidelines are helpful, the report said – but they also “increase the fear factor” for those who are wary of using the drugs on children.

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