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Many 'All Natural' Foods Are Actually Heavily Processed

If you think as food is “all natural” just because the label says it is, think again. So which foods really aren’t as natural as they claim they are? When it comes to ice cream, as reported by Change.org, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has outed Ben & Jerry’s, Edy/Dreyers, Breyers, and Turkey Hill as having ingredients that hardly natural.

“And it's not just ice-cream makers who mislead consumers with an ‘all natural’ label,” Change.org said. “Food products from cookies to yogurts to sauces to cereals come with glowing, ‘all natural’ labels, but actually contain ingredients that are decidedly man-made in a weird science-type of way.”

While CSPI has asked offending manufacturers to remove the “all natural” from their labels, Change.org has gone one step further, with an online petition that it’s asking visitors to sign.

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