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Are 'Pink' Products Causing Cancer?

The organization Breast Cancer Action (BCA) is raising an important question -- if the purpose of a product sold with a pink label is to stop breast cancer, then why do so many of those products actually cause breast cancer?

BCA calls the practice “pinkwashing”; it is defined as sponsoring companies claiming they have joined the fight against breast cancer while engaging in practices that contribute to the disease.

According to KCCI:

“Estée Lauder was a leader in the pink movement, distributing 1.5 million ribbons from their make-up counters ... [But] according to pinkribbon.org, Estée Lauder has refused to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, which ensures their cosmetic products contain no chemical proven or strongly suspected of contributing to breast cancer.”

Similarly, Yoplait has donated $18 million over nine years to breast cancer foundations, but still uses milk from cows treated with rBGH, which may cause breast, colon and prostate cancer. BCA has also taken a sharp look at KFC’s fattening products sold under the “Buckets for the Cure” label. Obesity can be a contributing cause of breast cancer.

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