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British Columbia Sues Contraceptive Patch Manufacturer

The government of British Columbia, Canada, has filed a lawsuit against drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, claiming that they aggressively marketed the "Ortho Evra" contraception patch without disclosing safety hazards. The patch delivers the hormones estrogen and progestin directly into your bloodstream without passing through your digestive system.

Women using the patch did not receive warnings about increased risks of developing blood clots, pulmonary emboli, strokes, heart attacks and deep vein thrombosis. The BC government is seeking to recover past and future health care costs.

Life Site News reports:

“The lawsuit claims that ... Johnson & Johnson was negligent in providing adequate label warnings, failed to conduct long-term use risk studies, and failed to provide Health Canada with complete and accurate risk information. Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical have faced a string of lawsuits since introducing the Ortho Evra patch.”

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