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Research Proves What You Already Knew -- Diet Alone is not Enough for Weight Loss

A diet by itself isn’t a particularly successful means of losing weight. However, an intensive diet and exercise plan, combined with counseling and support, works quite well. This finding backs up what some successful dieters have known for years.

In a study, researchers recruited 130 severely obese people. One group received diet help and physical activity guidance for a year. A second group had the same diet plan, but didn't start the exercise program until six months into the study.

USA Today reports:

“At six months, people in the diet-and-exercise group lost an average of 24 pounds and had better reductions in belly fat and liver fat than those in the delayed-exercise group, who lost an average of 18 pounds. After a year, people in the diet-and-exercise group lost 27 pounds compared to 22 pounds in the delayed-exercise group.”

Another similar study, funded by Jenny Craig, came to a similar conclusion. After two years, women on a diet and exercise plan who received counseling and support lost and kept off an average of 16 pounds.

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