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More American Adults Hobbled by Arthritis

There has been a surprising jump in the number of Americans with severe arthritis symptoms. This could be the result of obesity, according to health experts.

About 22 percent of U.S. adults have arthritis, a total of nearly 50 million people with the ailment. However, this number has not increased much in the past few years. What has increased significantly, however, is pain or other arthritis symptoms that limit activity. That number has jumped from 8.3 percent to 9.4 percent -- which means that more than 21 million adults now have trouble climbing stairs, dressing, or gardening, up from less than 19 million just a few years ago.

The Washington Post reports:

“... [T]he increase probably was due mainly to baby boomers, who are at an age when they are more likely to suffer osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. It breaks down cartilage and causes pain and joint stiffness... [A] complicating factor is high rates of baby boomers who are overweight and obese. Extra weight puts more pressure on arthritic joints, making the problem worse”.

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