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7 'Healthy' Ways to Sabotage Your Workout

ABC News has compiled a list of seven diet and fitness practices that many people think are beneficial -- but in reality, they are not.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win the Race: The first electronic cardio machines featured low intensity, long duration "fat burning" programs. Many still do today. But this approach can be a real time waster. Try interval training, where you alternate periods of hard and easy cardio.

Never Stretch Cold: For many exercisers, a pre-workout stretch is a regular ritual. But numerous studies show that stretching a cold muscle decreases its endurance and power, and increases injury risk. Save your stretching for the end of your workout.

Avoid Sports Drinks: Sports drinks may actually cause you to pack on the pounds. Plus, studies show that sports drinks may soften tooth enamel even more than sodas. Stick to plain water instead.

To see the other myths they investigate, click the link below.

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