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Forget Pain Pills -- Fall in Love Instead

New research shows that when you are in love, your perception of pain is lowered. And what's more, the process is completely different from the one that conventional painkillers take advantage of.

Researchers recruited volunteers who were in the first stages of new and passionate love. He asked each study participant to bring in pictures of their beloved, along with a picture of an equally attractive acquaintance to serve as a control. fMRI analysis showed that looking at a loved one allowed the subjects to withstand greater pain than looking at a friend or completing the mental skill test.

According to Time Magaine:

“The connection ... is part of the body's most basic response to regulate pain ... [T]he same reward system is activated by addictive drugs such as cocaine, since the reinforcing nature of the reward, whether it comes from a drug or from love, keeps us coming back for more.”

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