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The Dirty Truth Behind Coca Cola

In his new book “The Coke Machine -- The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favorite Soft Drink”, author Michael Blanding examines the dark history of the Coca-Cola company.

The book begins with a graphic description of the murder of Isidro Gil, a union worker. Coca-Cola has been accused of complicity with paramilitary murders of union members in South America. In India and Mexico, there are allegations that its bottling plants have drained and polluted local water sources. And of course, many people think the company’s product is a fundamental cause of the current epidemic of obesity.

In an interview with Blanding conducted by Tara Lohan, he said:

“Like everyone else I used to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Coke -- all that peace and love and harmony and teaching-the-world-to-sing stuff. Then I heard about violence against union members in South America, water depletion and pollution overseas, and their contribution to child health problems and I realized things don't necessarily ‘go better with Coke.’”

To read the rest of the interview, click the link below.

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