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FDA Goes After Alternative Treatments for Autism and Alzheimer's

Many desperate patients have turned to the promise of chelation treatments of conditions including autism, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. The U.S. FDA has begun a crackdown on these products, alleging that they are dangerous and illegal.

The FDA sent warning letters to eight makers of chelators, which are drugs that remove heavy metals from your body. The companies could potentially face fines, confiscation of their products or criminal prosecution if they continue to market their products for medical uses.

According to Time Magazine:

“The products, which are widely marketed and available on the Internet, may cause serious and potentially deadly health complications, including dehydration and kidney failure.”

However, the Daily Bell offers a somewhat different picture of the treatment:

“Chelation was developed during the World War I to help veterans exposed to poison gas attacks. After World War II, the treatment found favor helping those in the military who had received lead poisoning as a result of painting ships.”

Several of the warned companies responded to the FDA’s letters by saying that the treatment had been around for many years and had been beneficial for many people.