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B Vitamin Protects Pilots' DNA from Damage

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, my protect people exposed to ionizing radiation, such as pilots, from DNA damage.

Ionizing radiation comes from both natural and man-made sources. It is radiation that is energetic enough to ionize atoms or molecules by removing an electron. People who are frequently at high altitudes are exposed to higher levels of cosmic radiation than those at ground level.

NutraIngredients reports:

“While no associations were observed with the dietary intake of folate, riboflavin or vitamin B6 or B12 ... the highest dietary intakes of niacin (an average of 28.4 mg per day) were associated with a 42 percent reduction in the frequency of chromosome translocations, compared with pilots with the lowest dietary intakes (an average of 20.6 mg per day).”

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