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Resveratrol Shows Metabolic Benefits for the Obese

Daily intake of resveratrol, a compound found in substances such as red wine, could improve the metabolic profile of people with obesity.

Resveratrol was found to change the production of certain compounds called adipokines from human fat cells, producing an anti-inflammatory effect. The study is reported to be the first to find in vitro that resveratrol has anti-inflammatory effects on adipokine expression and secretion in human fat tissue.

According to NutraIngredients:

“Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol and anti-fungal chemical, is often touted as the bioactive compound in grapes and red wine, and has particularly been associated with the so-called 'French Paradox'. The phrase, coined in 1992 by Dr Serge Renaud from Bordeaux University, describes the low incidence of heart disease and obesity among the French, despite their relatively high-fat diet and levels of wine consumption.”

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