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Study Makes the Case for Vegetable Juice

A diet rich in vegetables has been associated with lower risk of many illnesses, including heart disease. However, vegetable consumption in the U.S. has fallen over the past decade.

Researchers conducted a study to determine whether drinking vegetable juice is a practical way of closing the gap between dietary recommendations and vegetable intake. Volunteers received 0, 8 or 16 fluid ounces of vegetable juice daily for 12 weeks.

According to Food Navigator:

“Compared to public health recommendations of 4 servings per day, average vegetable intake for all groups, without counting vegetable juice, was 2.6 servings per day after 6 weeks and 2.3 servings per day after 12 weeks. But once the vegetable juice was counted, the participants [who received it] were able to reach the daily recommendations.”

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