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Obesity's Impact on Gastrointestinal Health

New research suggests that there are associations between obesity and gastrointestinal health, including such maladies as gastrointestinal-related cancers and the severity of Crohn's disease.

A number of new studies have shown that obesity can have an effect on these conditions. One study found that patients with non-cirrhotic liver cancer had a high prevalence of diabetes and elevated Body Mass Indexes (BMIs). BMI was also linked with adenoma recurrence in the short and long-term, in another study.

Science Daily reports:

“In other findings, Crohn's disease patients who are overweight or obese (BMI>25) are more likely to have more severe disease characterized by a higher likelihood of Vitamin D deficiency, stricturing ileocolonic disease, and are more likely to require surgery compared to normal weight patients (BMI < 24.9) with Crohn's disease”.

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