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The Return of the Milkman

Three times every week, Jan and Jeff King load 300 gallons of milk in a refrigerated truck, delivering to more than 150 homes around their family’s century-old dairy farm. Their grandfather did the same until stopping in 1961. Now Jan and Jeff are taking up the task.

After many requests from neighbors for fresh milk, the Kings bought an old truck and began taking orders. Customers are thrilled to have milkmen once again.

Parade reports:

“In the 1940s, Laddie Zwijacz’s family took two quarts of milk a week from the King dairy. Each bottle cost 10 cents and had a three-inch layer of cream on top. ‘This is what real milk tastes like, not the water you get in stores,’ Zwijacz, 78, says of the Kings’ current vintage. ‘There’s a world of difference.’”

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