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Fewer People Intend to Get Flu Shots This Year

Last year, the swine flu scare had Americans lining up for flu shots. This year, many people are rejecting the vaccines, according to two studies.

A Consumer Reports survey found that just 37 percent of people in the U.S. plan to definitely get vaccinated. Around 30 percent say they definitely won't get a shot, and 31 percent are undecided. A second survey by retailer CVS found that fewer than 60 percent of respondents believed that they were "likely" to get a flu shot this year.

USA Today reports:

“Among people who say they'll skip the flu shot this year, 44 percent told Consumer Reports they're concerned about side effects, 41 percent said they're concerned about safety and 45 percent said fear about last year's pandemic was overblown, the survey says.”

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