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Scientists Discover Compound in Daffodils that Targets Brain Cancer

While looking for new ways to treat aggressive brain cancers, an international team of scientists found what they were looking for in the common daffodil. A new research study offers hope that narciclasine, a natural compound found in daffodil bulbs, may help fight against aggressive forms of human brain cancers.

To make this discovery, researchers used computer-assisted techniques to identify targets for narciclasine in cancer cells.

Eurekalert reports:

“Researchers ... grafted human melanoma brain metastatic cells into the brains of genetically altered mice. Results showed that the injected mice survived significantly longer when treated with narciclasine than those mice left untreated. The researchers believe that narciclasine selectively inhibits the proliferation of very aggressive cancer cells, while avoiding adverse effects on normal cells.”

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