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Are Wendy's New Natural Fries Really 'Natural'?

The fast food chain Wendy's is remaking its fries, now using Russett potatoes, leaving the skin on and sprinkling sea salt on top. They have been changing their menu to offer more “real” ingredients, starting with a new line of salads and now moving to their fries.

The new fries are slightly slimmer than the old ones, but will have more salt and more calories. The fries will still come to stores frozen.

According to Yahoo News:

“Wendy's said its new fries have been selling well in five test markets ... Wendy's has changed its fry recipe over the years, by adjusting the blend of oil used to fry them ... But those changes aren't something that could be easily understood by diners, so they were never touted.”

I have to say, a frozen stick of deep fried potato with salt will never be a gourmet, healthy food, no matter how much they try to spruce them up.

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