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Warning: Washing with Soap May Cause Problems with Infertility

Triclosan, a chemical found in antibacterial soaps -- as well as socks and toothpaste -- may disrupt estrogen sulfotransferase, an enzyme that plays an important role in pregnancy.

A team of researchers has discovered that the chemical hinders this enzyme, which is linked to the metabolism of estrogen. During pregnancy estrogen sulfotransferase move estrogen through the placenta into the developing fetus, where it plays a crucial role in brain development and the regulation of genes.

Physorg reports:

“Aside from the role it plays in the fetus, estrogen also affects how much oxygen the baby gets from the mother ... All of the oxygen a baby gets from its mother flows through the mother’s uterine artery. Without enough estrogen, this artery can constrict, decreasing blood flow.”

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