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Believe it or Not, They Now Have a Named Disorder Caused by Anxiety Over Insurance

Here’s a mental illness you’ve never heard of before -- Private Insurance Induced Stress Disorder (PIISD). It’s described as the development of symptoms following exposure to an insurance-induced traumatic stressor.

According to Psychiatric Times:

“Traumatic events include, but are not limited to, recission of health insurance after developing a costly illness, denial of health insurance due to a pre-existing condition such as being female and fertile or delay of needed treatment or medication due to requirements for pre-authorization. In the case of physicians, traumatic events include witnessing the deterioration of patients due to financial ruin resulting from uncovered costs of care. Similar to some forms of PTSD, this disorder is prone to be severe because the stressor is of human/corporate design. Note: this diagnosis is not currently reimbursed by health insurance carriers.”

I’m not sure what’s crazier -- the classification of this understandable reaction as a “disorder” or the broken medical system that causes it in the first place.

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