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Monsanto's Superweeds Come Home to Roost

Monsanto has been paying farmers to use its competitors’ herbicides. Why? It’s a last ditch effort to address the spread of superweeds created by the company’s “Roundup Ready” GMO crops. Environmental scientists warned about the problem of herbicide resistant weed creation even before Monsanto’s “herbicide tolerant” GMO crops were approved. Of course, Monsanto denied these early warnings.

And in fact, while Monsanto was telling farmers not to worry about resistant weeds, they were already preparing to profit from farmers’ weed troubles. In 2001, Monsanto received a patent on mixing herbicides with Roundup for use on RR fields with resistant weeds.

According to Generation Green:

“Weed scientists now say that superweeds from GMO crops infest over 11 million acres of US farmland -- nearly five times more acreage than just three years ago -- at a cost to US farmers of $1 billion a year ... But superweeds do create new opportunities for the pesticide companies that make GMO crops. Given Monsanto’s history, it makes you wonder if superweeds are just an unexpected problem from GMOs, or was creating the problem the plan all along?”

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