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Is Your Computer Frying Your Brain?

Thanks to an ever-growing number of digital distractions, “multitasking” is more prevalent than ever. But your brain wasn’t built for such an onslaught, and the result is attention overload that leaves you foggy-brained and less productive.

What’s more, unlike most skills, multitasking doesn't get any easier with practice. One study showed that frequent multitaskers were actually worse at multitasking than infrequent multitaskers. They were bad at filtering out irrelevant information, and became confused whenever they had to switch from task to task.

According to Live Science:

“The lure of multitasking is almost irresistible ... Step away from the computer, Cantor advised, take a walk to boost blood flow to your brain, and treat yourself to a soothing view of nature, if possible.”

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