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Toxic Toy Crisis Requires Fresh Solutions

Recalls of products such as toys, promotional drinking glasses, and other material aimed at children's now constitute an ongoing "toxic toy crisis" -- one that requires banning potentially harmful ingredients in these products and other changes in policy, according to a new analysis.

In June of this year, the U.S. government recalled 12 million promotional drinking glasses because the painted coating contained the toxic metal cadmium. Since 2007, the government has recalled more than 17 million toys due to high levels of lead alone. These and other incidents have raised concern about the problem of toxic substances in toys.

Science Daily reports:

“The authors [of the analysis] recommend several actions for the government, including banning or restricting the use of all substances with well-documented toxicity in toys and other children's products. They also offer recommendations for how the toy industry can be proactive, including establishing an industry-wide list of toxic substances to avoid.”

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