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PhRMA Quietly Spends Big in 2010

The drug industry gave at least $25 million to congressional campaigns this year. However, John Castellani, chief of the trade group PhRMA, isn’t talking about it too much.

The trade group’s total spending was split about evenly between Democrats and Republicans. But in a recent interview, Castellani said little about the group’s political program. “I’ll have to see what the final numbers are,” he said. “I don’t know the total, to be very truthful about it. We will find them and report them.” This is a departure from the tactics of his predecessor, Billy Tauzin, who often said outright that the group would spend money on defend lawmakers who supported health care reform.

Politico reports:

“Indeed, the group was front and center in months of television ad wars. But during the election season, PhRMA took a more behind-the-scenes approach, funding third-party groups, grassroots and get-out-the-vote efforts -- making the cash much harder to track, some sources said.”

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